Brandon Clark Music

Hi, My name is Brandon Clark, I am 15 years old and I an aspiring singer and a musician. I play the guitar, drums and I am taking piano lessons at school. I write, sing, produce and record all my own original music from my tiny closet that my parents converted into a studio for me. Music is and always will be my passion no matter which path it takes me down. At this moment, I am doing all my recordings literally in my closet and that does not produce quality recordings. I am in need of donations to purchase software, continue taking classes and studio time to record my music. With your help I can grow as a musician and achieve my dreams to perform live, write music for movies or commercial and record music. I will always remember and be grateful to the people who help me along the way. My mission is to also give back to the community and to help others who love music as I do when I am able to.

Brandon Clark